Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Album Review: Disturbed-Asylum

I downloaded this album today with medium expectations. Disturbed was one of the bands that helped get me into heavy metal when I was younger, but as I started listening to harder and heavier bands I got less and less interested in them. I decided to listen to it for nostalgia's sake and it wasn't bad but it wasn't really great either. Its just mediocre radio friendly "pop metal". It doesn't really push the envelope from previous releases and honestly sounds pretty much the same as Indestructible. It is  consistent the whole way through. Draiman's voice sounds like it always has, although slightly "tamer". He uses a cleaner singing voice as compared to his growl/sing style from early records. This makes everything sound less aggressive and I think it is why I didn't enjoy it as much. If your a die hard fan of Disturbed and you liked Indestructible then you will more than likely enjoy Asylum. If you have never been a fan of theirs then this album will do nothing to change your mind. For me it was worth it to download and is worthy of the hard drive space it occupies but I honestly wouldn't pay money for it (Sorry guys, I'm a pirate).

TLDR: Meh.. Its ok
Final Rating: 6/10


  1. Wow I woulda wrote the same exact thing, down with the sickness helped me get into these type of songs, but they dont seem as good as they used to.

    But the cover art is nice.

  2. The cover art is pretty sweet.. i was gunna throw that in but i guess i forgot lol