Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Details!!!

New Combat Training Mode: 
Combat Training is a new multiplayer mode that lets you play with “practice dummies” – bots. Has its own rank up, can be played co-op with a friend. When you are ready, you can then go online. Combat Training was not planned. They built a practice dummy just to gauge weapon damage etc for testing, but then they realized they wanted “Larry” to behave like a real player. So they made it a feature for Black Ops. “Play multiplayer by yourself or co-op with your friends” says Bunting.

Create a Class:
You see your character on this screen because Park 1 has an impact on how your look in the game. If you are Ghost, you wear a ghillie. If you take flak jacket, it's shown and you take less explosive damage. 

Lethal, Tactical, Equipment -- you choose. All things you throw that are lethal go on right bumper, all things that are tactical go into your left bumper.  

Camera Spike, C4, Tactical Insertion, Motion Sensor, Claymore 

Customize Pillar 2:
 "This is my weapon, this is my gun." You can customize your weapon so it looks the way you want it to look -- new camo patterns, and you place your emblem on it, customize your red dot sight.  Killcams reflect this so you will know exactly who shot you just by seeing their weapon. 

Customize Pillar 3: 
 Emblem editor – images, layers, and a background. You change the scale, move, color, rotate, all that stuff. Create layers, then purchase the option with COD points to put it on your gun
Death Machine- Huge gattling gun
Grim Reaper- Some kind of rocket launcher
Napalm Strike
RC car (from trailer)
Mortar Team
SAM Turret (shoots down enemy air support)

COD Points:
Every time you play you get COD Points. What you used to unlock by level is now purchasable with the in-game currency. Unlock what you want when you want 

Contracts are time-limited challenges you buy and get more CP if you finish them. "Using any combination of stats, we can make any kind of Contracts we want, and can change them at any time." Mercenary, Operations, and Specialist contracts. "Make the investment in your own play style and then get paid for doing so" 

Wager Matches:
Everyone pays CP Buy In. Top 3 players at the end of the match win the points. 

Modes within Wager Matches:

One in the Chamber: everybody starts with a pistol and has one bullet. If you kill someone, you get their bullet. If you miss, you have to knife them. You have 3 lives

Sticks and Stones - Crossbow, tomahawk and ballistic knife. If you hit with the tomahawk, you bankrupt them 

Gun Game -- straight from the community. Series of progressive weapons. Every kill moves you one in level of weapon -- pistol, two pistols, shotty, etc

Sharp Shooter is the 4th type. All players start with the same random weapon, and then the weapons all change at intervals. Everybody is always equal with the weapons 

Xbox Live - Inside Xbox will have a video tomorrow that features theater mode. 

Thats about it from what I can tell. I got most of this from some dude twittering live during the Multiplayer Reveal Event.  Supposedly video will be released here in a few days. I'll try and keep updated and post it here. 

I can honestly say I'm excited about this game. It sounds like they have listened to what the community wants and have done it. The game modes listed in the "Wager Mode" are direct from COD 4 pc mods and I think they will go a long way towards keeping the multiplayer fresh. Something that MWF2 lacks in my opinion. I really hope its not a disappointment.